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Welcome. I celebrate this Site!
It is my testament to the fact that healing can happen.
This  site is owned by Indigo.

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If you have come to this page, you are probably
seeking some sort of assistance- for a friend or
loved one, or even for yourself.



Now for the Disclaimer:
I am not a professional counselor.
I claim no responsibility for the misuse,
on anyone's part, of the information
at this site. It is intended for personal,
educational, or entertainment purposes.
It is also intended to promote understanding
among friends and families of former
victims and Survivors, as well as awareness
of the healing potential within each of us
as Former Victims and Survivors.


Please be aware that some of the things in this section

of my site may be offensive or triggering to some
people. Be good to yourself. If you feel you are
overwhelmed, remind yourself that you can
stop reading whenever you like, and you are
certainly more than welcome to come back later
if you wish.
I have a lot of plans for this site, and already I have
spent a lot of tears and heartache and healing in this
area. I did it because it was something I needed to do -
and I truly hope everyone finds useful and helpful
things here, too.




This candle is dedicated to the many women who lose their

lives to Domestic Violence each day...may their spirits shine
into the night and continue to give us strength, hope, and light.



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