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Welcome. This site is devoted to restructuring, Healing, and understanding self-perception. Within these links exists a piece of my world. You will find a collection of spiritual odds and ends-

In case you can't use the Navigation Bar, I left the links up. Now go get Netscape Communicator so you can see what all the work was for.

What's on this site?

inspirational short stories and poems, Women's and Survivors Resources, my bookshelves, socio-political garbage that interests me, and the occassional bit of personal information.

Spirit Index
Landmarks along my
Spiritual Path

To Special Resources pages
Information for Survivors,
former Victims, and their loved ones-
Peer Journal Exercises are here

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Resources page
Links to Women-Friendly
places on the Web

Reiki and other
healing information
Distance Healing Requests
may be made here

Full moon over
Turnagain Arm
A picture of the most beautiful place
on Earth- Girdwood, Alaska

I appreciate comments and
messages from everyone

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